“The project by the artist Fran Mohíno, BallJoint, is an absolute counterattack to high end jewelry. BallJoint, does not exist, but rather, becomes. Its form is a formation whose observance does not consist rather in being still spinning without end [...]”

(Jorge Naval)

“Encrypted luxury. The result of BallJoint by Fran Mohíno always has an air of a very sophisticated object, but avoids brightness and ostentation. In this era of fascination for visibility and recognition, we are offered a product that highlights our opacity of unique beings, without equivalence. Should we so much as dare?”

(Ignacio Castro Rey)

“[...] whoever carries these artistic pieces, similar to who buy any work of art, does so with the consciousness of what it represents, not to flaunt. Fran Mohíno subjects gold to an uprooted luck and he does it in an inverse way to what Damien Hirst did with For the love of God, 2007.”

(Oliva María Rubio)

“[...] inherently nonbinary in its design, the piece with its
moving parts gives the image of a moment to come. Its matte visual
appeal gives the sense of a future in which high-end fashion is
necessarily fluid and forward looking.”

(Jon Snyder)

Necklace BJ01N01

18k White Gold with "sandblasted" finish and set with 7 brilliant-cut diamonds (1,14 carats)

Necklace BJ01N01 (details)

Bracelet BJ01B01

18k White Gold with Black Rhodium and "sandblasted" finish, set with 3 brilliant-cut White diamonds (0,85 carats)

Bracelet BJ01B01 (detail)

Bracelet BJ02B01

18k White Gold with Black Rhodium and "sandblasted" finish, set with 3 brilliant-cut Black diamonds (1,65 carats)

Bracelet BJ02B01 (detail)

Ring BJ02R01

18k White Gold with Black Rhodium finish, set with 40 brilliant-cut diamonds totaling 0,35 carat.

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