Jogging In Your Garden

    Jogging In Your Garden are photographs of landscapes onto which is projected a 2D animation loop consisting of a white line that crosses boundaries of the items photographed and that at certain times is deconstructed into phrases alluding to sex. CONSTRUCTION OF AN INFINITE ENVIRONMENT, and a mobile one from the outlines given by the elements of the landscape. Dissolving the boundaries of the different forms that occupy the landscape. Creating an unstable, continuous and mobile line which constantly travels the photography expanding every form and pointing to the formation of a broader outline which is never closed. THE EROTICISM OF MOBILE ELECTRIC SIGNS that stand out from the environment and draw the attention of the viewer and stops him/her, seduces him/her with its movement, guides the viewer's eye while reading the image. COMIC phrases, which highlight YOU and ME, YOUR WILLINGNESS and mine ... as necessary for an eruption of laughter or to dissociate unitary stance of a couple having sex.





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