Fran Mohíno




What’s Your Level?

What's Your Level? is framed within a critical reading of relational systems and of human behavior in society, which in turn calls into question Play the gamet sustain it. The series are related to the idea of game playing. This is perhaps the base: to create a game with the single rule of linking elements with a closed line, and thus form a new image. As a game, the series has a logo, and as such has the corresponding record. What's Your Level? is the physical version, a sculptural play, while What's Your Level? the game is the Internet version available here below (only available on desktop computers).

1.000.000 cm3 of What's your level?, 2008. Instalation.
Who loves you dear?, CAB, Burgos, Spain.

400.000 cm3 of What's your level?, 2007. Instalation. Artist’s studio

1.150.000 cm3 of What's your level? on a sand container, 2009. Instalation
Suck it in and get into your level, Museo Vostell Malpartida, Malpartida de Cáceres. Spain.